Welcome to Ageless Medical Center

Are you looking for a doctor who will actually sit down and listen to you? Well, you've come to the right place! At Age Less Medical Center, the patient comes first. We believe in health care, not illness maintenance. Every day we meet new patients who tell us they're tired of "doctor's visits" without doctors, being told all their tests are "normal" when they don't feel normal, and the lack of hope in our healing profession. Our patients want to feel better. We know they can.

Who are our patients? They're moms and dads, young adults and energetic grandparents. They're your kid's teacher, your neighbor, your friend. But mostly, they're people who realize something has gone wrong with the overregulated medical mill, we call "health" care. They want more than the 6-minute office visit, the problem-prescription reflex, and the indifference that is creeping into the medical profession. They want real "health care" from a physician who knows how to listen, examine, evaluate data, and come up with an individualized plan for them.

Great health continues to be our goal. If you're looking for a patient-centered, not illness-focused approach, then you're in the right spot. We know that anyone, at any age can feel better. Give us a call today and we'll show you how.

Announcing Our Acute Care Services

We're excited to begin offering acute care services during our normal operating hours at Age Less Medical Center. Most of you know us for our excellence in hormonal and nutritional therapy. We are now in our fourth year of seeing dramatic changes in the lives of our patients as we take the time to get to the bottom of health issues.

Now we hope you'll take advantage of Dr. Twyman's over 20 years of experience in emergency medicine and acute care. We know when illness and minor injuries occur, you can't take off all day to wait in a crowded, over-stressed emergency room, to maybe see a doctor (or maybe not). Give us a call and we'll get you in to see a board certified physician you know, one you've come to trust to care about you personally.